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The roots of District 11 started in the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, the years in which the AMA clubs that were the major players in the district’s formation started. Dayton MC in the 30s, Enduro riders in 1947, Athens MC, Hocking Valley MC, C.O.C.R. and C.E.R.A. These clubs were the folks promoting the national and local events in the fifties and sixties.

In the sixties the motorcycle-racing scene exploded nationwide with clubs promoting Enduros and motocross at a whole new level. California and Ohio were and are the states with the most activity and it became evident the AMA could not keep up with keeping score for a whole country gone racing.

The “dirt clubs” clubs of district 11 had already gotten together to try and stop the unfairness and "Cherrypicking" spawned by uncontrolled racing and had started the process of creating a level playing field for all the racers of D-11 when the AMA decided to start recognizing districts as part of the AMA organization.
The AMA off road clubs all belonged to our district organization, yet to receive formal recognition from the AMA we had to have sixty percent of the road clubs join. This task was accomplished with the co-operation of Capital City MC and other road clubs.

With the formal recognition of District 11 we set out to implement the level playing field with competition guidelines for fairness, a paid staff person to record points and a newsletter to inform the racers and riders what is going on so they can know who their competition is. This level playing field is the reason competition in D-11 is known throughout the country as the best there is. It is also the reason promoters have flourished in D-11 to the benefit of Ohio's racer/rider.

All the officers of district 11 are volunteers who go to the monthly meetings on their own time and at their own expense as a service to the racers and riders of District 11. The District dues only cover the cost of points keeping, the newsletter and one (underpaid) staff person; everything else is donated for the benefit of the racer/rider.

For over thirty years District 11 has been the best thing that has happened for the riders and promoters in Southern Ohio!